Mittwoch, Januar 18, 2012


Hello dear "felt-along" friends.
This is the first time I am participating in this play
I've enjoyed looking at the the results of previous felt-alongs 
and visited you at your blogs afterwards.
Felting is not my only "fiber" hobby,
I also like sewing, quilting, stitching and knitting.
Drawing and painting are always there in the background.

When I saw there would be another felt-along
I very much liked to try something new.
Ideas enough, but the last one and a half month of last year
gave us some unpleasant things to take care of
so the ideas still remained ideas, and only in my head.
Last weekend I finally got started again with some wool !

I wanted to make a container that consisted
of separate parts put together, and then felted as one object,
and this is what came out of it :


( das Akkordeon )

Let me tell you how I did it.
I made 5 templates for little bags and started with all kinds of red,
orange and pink, with white as a second layer.
Then .... it turned out, I didn't have enough white .... grrrrr
and added gray in the smaller bags.
When I turned them inside out during felting, I liked the bright
coloured sides better than my original idea to put the white on the outside !

Then I took some "ancient" white knitting yarn
(that I used for an "Irish Fisherman Sweater" in the  70's)
... and hoped that it would felt in ...
and stitched the bags together in the middle, up and down.
I left the ends hanging, because I liked the little "tails"
After felting, fulling and rinsing I was pleased with the result
and thought this one would do for a post on the Felt-along Galery.
There are still some linen stitches that held the upper sides between the "tails" 
together during the fulling, but I can remove those when all is completely dry.

There might be another entry one day
(still want to try something) 
but for now this is it

I hope to see many more "Gefässe" soon and wish you all
lots of pleasure and succes making them !
Have fun, Els.
( you can find me at )


swig hat gesagt…

great, Els! I nearly can hear it play… thank you for joining and sharing! warm greetings from Paris!

Mobifilz hat gesagt…

Das ist eine sehr schöne Idee von dir, die du toll umgesetzt hast.

So ein Gefäß könnte ich auch gut gebrauchen.

Liebe Grüße Jessi

o!ela hat gesagt…

I love your concertina! Thanks for joining the "feltalong"!

Heather Woollove hat gesagt…

Els--What a super project!
I agree...the colors make it beautiful. I'm glad you put the white/grey inside!!
...and I love your little yarn wobbly bits! XXO-

krex hat gesagt…

This turned out great, love the "connected but separate" compartments .

Sophia Silverwoman hat gesagt…

beautiful! and thanks for sharing how you did it, great work!

werkstatt augentrost hat gesagt…

thank you for sharing - I`m on the way catching my ideas...
liebe grüsse

Mari(anne) hat gesagt…

oohje - was machst du nur für tolle Sachen ... da kann man ja gar nicht mehr aufhören zu gucken und in sich aufnehmen ... Toll !!!

Ich komm sicher wieder und freue mich, dass ich Dich gefunden habe ...

Ganz liebe Grüße aus der Pfalz schickt

die Mari(anne)

Kristina hat gesagt…

I accidentally came across your blog and just wanted to say that your felted things are really gorgeous. Keep creating!


likeschocolate hat gesagt…

So whimsical.

Blaze hat gesagt…

Fun project! Thank you for a beautiful post!

Morna hat gesagt…

Your felt object brings to mind a classic Dutch tulip vase. :-)

colorworx hat gesagt…

This is wonderful, what a great idea!

La Petite Gallery hat gesagt…

I really like it. You are talented.
I can't work like that or sew .

Hope I can send the comment I hate
the code , can't read the letters, It takes 4 times before it goes, if not I quit.
third try

Sara Lechner hat gesagt…

me fascinan las cosas que haces!!!

jackie hat gesagt…

Lovely interesting felt on your blog. You are quite right my current pieces are really tactile.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Das spricht mich so sehr an,finde nicht die richtigen Worte.
Sehr schönes Spiel mit Farben und Formen.Liebe Grüße Angela