Mittwoch, Januar 18, 2012


Hello dear "felt-along" friends.
This is the first time I am participating in this play
I've enjoyed looking at the the results of previous felt-alongs 
and visited you at your blogs afterwards.
Felting is not my only "fiber" hobby,
I also like sewing, quilting, stitching and knitting.
Drawing and painting are always there in the background.

When I saw there would be another felt-along
I very much liked to try something new.
Ideas enough, but the last one and a half month of last year
gave us some unpleasant things to take care of
so the ideas still remained ideas, and only in my head.
Last weekend I finally got started again with some wool !

I wanted to make a container that consisted
of separate parts put together, and then felted as one object,
and this is what came out of it :


( das Akkordeon )

Let me tell you how I did it.
I made 5 templates for little bags and started with all kinds of red,
orange and pink, with white as a second layer.
Then .... it turned out, I didn't have enough white .... grrrrr
and added gray in the smaller bags.
When I turned them inside out during felting, I liked the bright
coloured sides better than my original idea to put the white on the outside !

Then I took some "ancient" white knitting yarn
(that I used for an "Irish Fisherman Sweater" in the  70's)
... and hoped that it would felt in ...
and stitched the bags together in the middle, up and down.
I left the ends hanging, because I liked the little "tails"
After felting, fulling and rinsing I was pleased with the result
and thought this one would do for a post on the Felt-along Galery.
There are still some linen stitches that held the upper sides between the "tails" 
together during the fulling, but I can remove those when all is completely dry.

There might be another entry one day
(still want to try something) 
but for now this is it

I hope to see many more "Gefässe" soon and wish you all
lots of pleasure and succes making them !
Have fun, Els.
( you can find me at )